A greener solution benefiting our environment now and in the future

It is no secret that printers and their supplies aren’t great for the environment, so we have ensured that the re-manufactured machines we are so passionate about are sustainable and part of The Circular Economy.

The aim of The Circular Economy is to replace the outdated Linear Economy which encompasses raw materials, production, usage and ends with with only a small percentage of parts being recycled (and non-recyclable waste being put into landfill).

Instead The Circular Economy ensures that all materials are reused and recycled after use rather than just being discarded.

Not only that but, you can be rest assured that all consumables for these devices are environmentally friendly as they are re-manufactured from used products too.

This process works by collecting used toner cartridges from businesses, fixing, reconstructing and replenishing them, they are then ready for resale and will fit perfectly in your TDC Eco-Friendly Device.

Product Usage

These newly re-manufactured products are able to be sold and used again for their same purpose. After usage the same process will begin again!


When a business is finished with a product (these include both machines and consumables) they are collected and taken along to begin their circular journey.

Used Materials

When they reach the recycling centre, the next step is for the products to be stripped back down to raw materials and the components that they are made of.


These key components and materials are then restored (making them as good as new) which means they are then able to be used again within either machines or consumables.

Product Usage


Used materials


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