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It is a well-known fact that we all need to look after our planet more and that doesn’t stop in the office. There are numerous ways to be a lot greener within an office environment (and some of these hacks are really simple!)


Print on both sides of paper

Using duplex (or double sided) printing is a quick and easy way to help your office be green as you are using 50% less paper.


Use black and white print

Colour printing uses more toner therefore mono is a more preferable option to reduce environmental impact.


Put your printer into auto sleep mode

Did you know that after being inactive for a certain period of time your printer can go for a nap? Meaning the device is using reduced amounts of energy. All you have to do is press the screen or send a document to print for it to wake up again.


Use eco-friendly machines

This may seem self-explanatory but having an environmentally friendly printer that is re-manufactured (made using older/refurbished parts) can make a huge difference in reducing your offices carbon footprint. Find out about our TDC devices here.


Control who prints and what they print

Applying print rules that allow, hold, redirect and deny printing of documents based on who is printing, where the document is being printed and on the properties of the document can help not only reduce print waste but also costs.


By also applying print rules based on job properties such as colour or page quantity you can re-direct print jobs to the most cost-efficient print device anywhere on the network.


Use a Managed Print Service

Using an MPS can help not only reduce costs but also save time and increase efficiency.

Managed Print Services control and manage all aspects of your printing process, from printer toner levels, engineer call outs and also use insights to optimise efficiency.

You will gain full visibility of your printing which enables you to be more responsive, reduce your environmental impact and decrease expenditure.


Scan to email rather than printing to show a document

Instead of printing out documents to show other team members use your devices scan to email option instead as it is a lot more cost effective and also helps the environment. It can also help keep your workspace tidier as you won’t have pieces of paper flying everywhere!


Have a green reminder message on printers 

This may seem like a simple idea, however a message on your email footer or a poster near the device is a good way to remind employees to be green and think before they print.


Recycle printer cartridges

Ensure you are using toner that is made from recycled parts and also ensure that when you have finished with your toner you are recycling it using a consumables recycling scheme.


Use a Multifunctional Printer

Having all the scan, fax, print facilities are in one place will reduce the machines power usage and also save space within the office.